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I'm scared, but I know I need to see a dentist. What can you do to make my visit less scary?

Woman sitting in dental chair smiling | Dentist Edmonton ABDental anxiety is a common issue. We want to help our patients feel comfortable and confident at every visit with us, so we've added some features to our office that we think you'll appreciate. 

Amenities at Orchards Dental 

  • Sedation – We offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Let us know if you think you could benefit from sedation dentistry. 
  • Neck pillows and blankets – We'll help you feel comfortable and cozy throughout your visit. 
  • Topical anesthetic – If you ask anyone what they hate about going to the dentist, they'll probably tell you the shots! Applying topical anesthetic prior to a shot helps begin the numbing process and makes the shot more comfortable. A topical anesthetic can also be used during cleanings if your teeth are sensitive or you find cleanings uncomfortable.
  • Private treatment rooms – Your confidential information should stay that way, and our private treatment rooms help provide a sense of privacy and comfort.
  • TVs on the ceiling – Relax during your visit with a favorite TV show or movie.
  • Headphones – Many patients find that the sounds of the dental office can provoke anxiety. We provide headphones that help drown out these noises so you can have a more relaxing visit.

If you have any questions about the care or amenities we offer, don't hesitate to give us a call!