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Dental Implants in Edmonton ABTechnology and research in dentistry have improved greatly over the years and with it has come better ways to replace missing teeth. In general, dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth, as they appear the most similar to natural teeth of any tooth replacement and function similarly to natural teeth. Many people even say their dental implants feel better than their natural tooth did. Dental implants also come with other advantages, including the fact that implants cannot get cavities and never need root canals.

At Orchards Dental, Dr. Dennis George Anithottam offers dental implant treatment for a variety of situations. Whether you are missing one tooth or a few teeth, or even if you have partial or complete dentures (commonly known as plates) dental implants can help to restore your mouth to healthier function, helping you to eat more comfortably and smile more naturally.

Why is it Important to Replace a Missing Tooth?

After a tooth is lost, a number of changes happen to the site where the tooth was. Teeth surrounding the site begin to tip inwards or over-erupt, changing your bite. With each tooth you lose, all the other teeth in your mouth take additional force every time you bite. As a consequence, the rest of your teeth will begin breaking down faster and will be more susceptible to cracks and fractures. The bone in the area begins to shrink away, as do the gums in the area, resulting in a less pleasing appearance. With continued bone loss, the nerves in the area may become affected, and the bone becomes more susceptible to fracture.

If you lose a tooth, it is better to replace it sooner rather than later to prevent changes in your bite and shrinkage of bone. It is still possible and beneficial in most cases to do implant treatment even if those changes have occurred, but additional procedures may be required to prepare the site adequately for implant placement.


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How can Dental Implants Replace a Missing Tooth or Missing Teeth?

Dental implants are placed into the bone of the jaws, just like the roots of natural teeth, and a ceramic or porcelain tooth is placed over top to replace your missing tooth. The implant can be made to emerge from the gums very similarly to a natural tooth and many people with implants feel that the implants are just like their natural teeth. With multiple missing teeth, multiple implants can be placed, and an implant bridge can also be placed if multiple adjacent teeth are missing. For most situations in which teeth cannot be saved or in which teeth are already missing, dental implants are the treatment of choice.  

How can Dental Implants Help to Improve my Dentures?

 Many people are tired of their dentures because of the problems associated with them. It is very common that dentures do not fit ideally and patients with dentures are not able to chew as efficiently as they used to. Many complain that eating is less enjoyable than it used to be with their natural teeth. Dentures are often also looser and move around more than people like, and sore spots often develop making dentures uncomfortable. Dental implants can help in a number of ways. For people desiring teeth that stay in their mouth all the time, dental implants can be placed and teeth can be definitively attached to the implants to make a prosthesis that stays firmly fixed in the mouth. This option can appear very natural and many people with this type of tooth replacement feel that the implants are as good as their natural teeth used to be. With this option, you can get rid of your dentures and not have to worry about using them anymore.

For people who do not mind being able to remove their teeth, implants can be placed and the denture can be made into what is called an overdenture. An overdenture sits overtop the implants, but there are components in the implants that hold on to the denture to make it fit much more snugly with less movement, ensuring a more comfortable fit. Overdentures can still be removed from the mouth at night time and at other times, making hygiene very easy.

Dental Implant Candidate

At Orchards Dental we get asked by our patients if dental implants are right for them. If you are missing 1 or more teeth due to injury, disease, or decay than you could be a candidate to get dental implants! Enough bone is needed in your jaw to support the implants along with healthy gums. A 3-dimensional x-ray (CBCT scan) will be required to assess this first. There are some cases where dental implants may not be an option, such as gum disease. To ensure your dental implants are a success good oral hygiene is the main factor to ensure your implants stay healthy. We will evaluate you and your past medical history before determining if you are a candidate for dental implants.

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