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Orchard’s Dental offers Botox injections for both aesthetic and therapeutic applications.  Whether you have a medical need or just want to look and feel better; Orchard’s Dental can provide you with the best Botox treatment options.  Dr. Dennis is certified in Level 2 Basic Neuromodulators: Upper Face and Bruxism Treatment.  Call (780) 756-9555 to book a free Botox consultation!

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Botox uses Botulinum Toxin to treat unwanted wrinkles such as frown lines, bunny lines, forehead lines, and crows feet. Botox is one of if not the most popular wrinkle treatments available and men and woman benefit from the youthful effects of Botox. There are two types of wrinkles, static wrinkles, and dynamic wrinkles. Botox does not work on static wrinkles as they are the result of normal aging, collagen loss, and sun damage. Botox helps remove dynamic wrinkles when making certain facial expressions such as smiling or frowning. When injected into the muscle that is causing the wrinkles Botox blocks the nerve message to the brain telling the brain to contract the muscle. Botox also helps with Temporomandibular joint disorder most commonly known as TMD to help with headaches and migraines. Botox is recommended for individuals between the age of 18-65. The Botox treatment usually lasts 3-4 months but it is different for each individual.

We provide Botox treatments for the following:

  • Forehead Lines, Frown Lines, Bunny Lines – Botox injections can help get rid of unwanted wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscle.
  • Jaw Slimming – The process for jaw slimming begins when Botox is injected into the jaw muscle to weaken and shrink in size. The result is a slimmer and more youthful face shape.
  • Headaches and Migraines – Botox is only approved by Health Canada for chronic migraines. Chronic migraines mean headaches which last 15 or more days in a month. The treatment for headaches and migraines includes injecting up to 195 units of Botulinum toxin A into seven muscles in the head and neck. Treatment must be done every 3-4 months to keeps migraines from returning.
  • Eyebrow Lift – Botox can help treat the frown lines between your brows and help elevate the height of your eyebrows. The injections will relax the underlying muscles to smooth the skin on the outside and relax the muscles between the brows.
  • Crow’s Feet – Crow’s feet are considered as dynamic wrinkles found between your brows and forehead lines on the upper third of your face. With the help of Botox, the wrinkle above does not form as it paralyzes the muscle.
  • Clenching & Grinding – Botox helps reduce the amount of stress placed on the teeth and jaw by weakening the muscles that are used when you grind or clench your teeth, so you feel more comfortable. The temporomandibular joint disorder most commonly known as TMD can potentially cause a variety of symptoms such as facial pain, difficulty chewing, earache, headaches, and lockjaw. Clenching and Grinding of your teeth while asleep is considered a risk factor of the condition.
  • Gummy Smile – If you have an asymmetrical or gummy smile, Botox can help refine your results.

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dentist botox edmontonThe recovery process after your procedure is very quick. You can get back to your regular day to day activities almost immediately after the procedure is complete. There are a few post-procedure guidelines that can be followed to reduce the recovery period time. Avoid engaging in heavy physical exercise, applying cosmetics, or laying down flat for a minimum of 4 hours after the procedure is complete.

Dr. Dennis is certified in Level 2 Basic Neuromodulators: Upper Face and Bruxism Treatment and can administer Botox for both aesthetic and therapeutic uses. Cost per unit: $8.00. Please call now @ (780) 756-9555 to book your complimentary Botox consultation!