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Dental technology is constantly improving to help make procedures simpler, easier, and more comfortable. Here are a few of the technologies we use to help you have a great visit.

Dental Lab | Dentist in Edmonton AB


Intraoral Cameras | Edmonton AB Dentist

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are a type of digital camera that is very small – about the size of a pen! We use this camera to take images of your mouth, which can then be displayed on a computer monitor. Not only does this allow us to get a better close-up view of the inside of your mouth, it also allows us to show you exactly what we see. This information can then be used to provide education or to plan treatment.

TV with Netflix on screen | Orchards Dental

Patient TVs

Dental X-ray | Edmonton AB Dentist

Our treatment rooms are equipped with multiple screens for patient education and patient entertainment. The patient chairs are set up to face directly at a large flat screen TV which we use to display digital x-rays as well as intra-oral photos and other educational patient material. By showing you your own teeth on your x-rays and intra-oral photos, we help you to understand what is going on in your mouth and help you to see the condition of your oral health. We also have a large flat screen TV on the ceiling so that when we lay back the dental chair, you have Netflix for entertainment to keep you relaxed during your dental appointment!

DentalVibe | Edmonton AB Dentist


Dental fear keeps millions of Canadians away from the dentist every year. One common fear is worry about painful injections. 

At Orchards Dental, we use DentalVibe to deliver more comfortable injections. Before we administer the injection, we use the DentalVibe to "tickle" your gums. While your nerves are busy interpreting the sensation from the DentalVibe, we can perform the injection with very minimal discomfort. Often, only the vibration of the DentalVibe is felt! 

EZ Dam by Synca | Orchards Dental

EZ Dam by Synca

The EZ Dam allows us to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment without the need for the rubber dental dams that so many patients dislike. The EZ Dam helps keep your tongue and your cheeks out of the way, works as a bite block to prevent stress in your jaw muscles, and also functions as hands-free suction. This means that we can work uninterrupted so that we can focus on the procedure and your comfort.

Digital Panoramic & Cephalometric Imaging | Orchards Dental

Digital Panoramic & Cephalometric Imaging

This technology allows us to take images of your entire facial structure, including your jaw. This allows us to identify problems such as inflammation in the temporomandibular joint and plan dental implant placement. The design of the technology allows us to take images quickly and position you correctly so that we can get the information we need the first time. 

Prime Scanner | Edmonton Dentist

Prime Scanner

Dentsply/Sirona (no more messy impressions)

prime scanner

Digital X-rays | Edmonton AB Dentist

Digital X-Rays

We use digital x-rays at Orchards Dental. This x-ray technology has a few advantages over film x-rays. For instance: 

  • ​Digital x-rays expose patients to less radiation than film x-rays.
  • Many patients find that the sensor used to take digital x-rays is more comfortable than dental film.
  • Since digital x-rays are viewed on a computer monitor, the image allows for zooming and rotating so that you can better see any conditions we identify.
  • Digital x-rays can be securely emailed to other providers (such as specialists) and insurance companies for authorization. 
  • We can store digital x-rays in your electronic profile for fast retrieval and comparison.
  • Since digital x-rays don't require chemicals or film for developing, they are a great choice for the environment.
CBCT Scan | Edmonton Dentist


Sirona 3D (used to plan dental implant placements)


cbct scan

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