Tooth-Coloured Fillings South Edmonton

Dental Fillings in Edmonton ABWhat Is a Tooth-Coloured Filling?

A tooth-coloured filling is a white filling made to match the natural colour of your teeth. When asked to describe a filling, many patients immediately picture the familiar dark, silver-coloured metal amalgam fillings. Depending on your age, you may already have one or more amalgam fillings, which means you are aware of how obvious they can be.

At Orchards Dental, we exclusively place tooth-coloured fillings, which are made of a resin that can be colour-matched to the natural shade of your enamel. Once placed, these fillings blend in well and are barely noticeable.

The Benefits of Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Aside from the esthetic advantage provided by resin tooth-coloured fillings, these fillings offer other benefits as well:

  • Tooth-coloured fillings bond directly to the structure of the tooth. This means that we don’t have to remove extra healthy tooth structure to “anchor” the filling like we do with silver amalgam fillings.
  • Amalgam fillings contain mercury. While multiple studies have shown that the mercury in amalgam fillings is safe, many patients would prefer the peace of mind that comes from mercury-free resin fillings.
  • Tooth-coloured resin fillings are versatile. In addition to filling cavities, we can also use this material to repair damage to the tooth, like chips, and even make cosmetic changes, which could include improving the shape of a tooth or concealing an area of discolouration.


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Tooth-Coloured FillingsWhy Are Fillings Needed?

Fillings are needed to repair cavities in teeth, which are areas of decay in a tooth that result in the softening of and damage to the structure of the tooth. Sometimes you may even see a hole in your tooth when you have a cavity. Cavities are one of the most common dental problems that dentists see and treat. While we’ve come a long way in reducing the frequency at which cavities develop, we unfortunately have yet to eliminate them completely.

How Do Cavities Develop?

Cavities develop when plaque and tartar are allowed to remain on the teeth for an extended period of time. These substances contain bacteria, and as the bacteria metabolize sugar from the foods that you eat, they excrete acid, which breaks down the structure of the tooth.

In most cases, patients aren’t aware that they have a cavity. By the time a cavity causes pain, it will have usually grown quite large and will require additional treatment, such as a crown. You can avoid this type of situation with twice-yearly cleanings and examinations, such as those provided by Edmonton dentist Dr. Dennis George Anithottam. This allows your dentist to identify cavities (and other problems that can occur) early on so they can often be treated with simple, more conservative procedures.

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Ideally, we like to see most patients twice each year for their cleanings and examinations, but we know that there are many reasons why people stay away from the dentist and avoid their appointments. We’ve taken the time to make sure that your experience at our practice is comfortable and relaxing, from little details, like providing neck pillows and blankets for our patients, to bigger details, like private treatment rooms that ensure your private information remains confidential.

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