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BOTOX®: More Than Just a Pretty Face

September 14, 2021
Posted By: Orchards Dental
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Safe, Simple and Effective Cosmetic Improvements

Most people are aware of the striking benefits of BOTOX® injections for cosmetic purposes. For those looking to reduce undesired frown lines and crow's feet - or for those not convinced that bunny lines are adorable - it is a safe and effective solution. Many men and women have found it a much more affordable and less invasive cosmetic procedure to prevent deepening lines such as the dreaded “elevens” that may be giving you a look of intensity you would rather avoid. Results typically last up to 3 - 4 months so it is easy to schedule in as part of your routine dental checkups as well. At Orchards Dental we can offer BOTOX® in tandem with other regular dental treatments as it is a quick, relatively painless procedure with very minimal downtime and post recovery requirements.

Why a Dentist is Your Best BOTOX® option

Dentists, of course, are highly specialized when it comes to your teeth and oral health to help you achieve your healthiest and best smile. However they are also highly specialized to know the intricate muscles of your face and how your facial muscles, jaw and teeth collectively impact your look and your health. A highly qualified and trained dentist can administer BOTOX® treatments that make a desired impact on your appearance such as improving a gummy smile or slimming the appearance of your jaw, but can also relieve a number of health concerns as well.

Here at Orchard Dental, we will take the time to have a personalized consultation with you, answer any questions you have, and discuss how BOTOX® treatment may benefit you. Dr. Dennis is a fully trained BOTOX® treatment provider in Edmonton who is certified in Level 2 Basic Neuromodulators: Upper Face and Bruxism Treatment who will guide you through the process including what to expect during and after your treatment.

Therapeutic Relief for Pain Sufferers

For decades BOTOX® has been a go-to solution for cosmetic purposes but the benefits go above and beyond facial aesthetic improvements. Many people suffering with pain related to temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD can find BOTOX® injections an effective pain management solution - particularly if pain is due to clenching and grinding (bruxism). Our South Edmonton Dentists can examine your jaw and teeth to determine if you may be adding stress to the joint; bruxism often occurs at night and a dentist can identify the signs of grinding and clenching. Pain relief from BOTOX® treatment occurs as it weakens the muscles being clenched and reduces the stress on the jaw joint.

edmonoton botoxBOTOX® injections were approved in Canada a decade ago as a therapeutic treatment for chronic migraine and severe headache sufferers. For many, the treatment has proved to be highly successful in reducing their symptoms. If you are a pain sufferer in Edmonton due to TMD or chronic migraines, we encourage you to contact our clinic today for a consultation to see if BOTOX® therapeutic treatment is right for you.

Whether your needs are cosmetic or medical, Orchards Dental in South Edmonton is committed to both helping you look and feel better offering a professional and highly skilled approach in providing BOTOX® treatment. You are welcome to discover more on our BOTOX® service page or contact us to book a free Botox consultation.

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