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February 2, 2022
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crowns and veneers

Dental crowns and veneers are typically considered cosmetic dentistry but their importance in dental care goes far beyond a striking smile. Crowns or veneers may be recommended by your dentist if you are unhappy with your smile due to misaligned or discolored teeth. However, they can also be a significant part of your oral health treatment. Damaged, cracked or missing teeth can create additional health impacts that can be costly and painful. Teeth are made of enamel and not living tissue, such as bone, which can heal over time when broken so it is imperative to restore broken teeth as soon as possible. Providing patients with a smile that enhances confidence is of utmost importance to us at Orchards Dental but a healthy smile is always essential.

When would I need crowns or veneers?

Regular checkups with your dentist can ensure signs of tooth decay or minor damage are detected early. Often these oral health issues can be treated with tooth-coloured fillings and future damage prevented with simple changes to your oral health routine. Even so, fillings are not always enough for some types of tooth damage and in these situations, your dentist may recommend crowns or veneers as an optimal solution. You may require a veneer or crown when:

  • A tooth is badly chipped or broken
  • A significant portion of a tooth was covered in a filling and is worn down
  • A tooth is weak and needs to be protected from further damage
  • A bridge is needed and crowns required to hold it in place.
  • Teeth are severely discoloured
  • Teeth are badly misshapen or missing
  • To cap a root canal or dental implant

What if my damaged tooth isn’t bothering me?

If your cracked, broken or missing tooth is not causing serious pain, you may think it is not necessary to treat it or consider waiting. Nevertheless, severe pain is not the only indicator of a need for urgent dental care. Not treating your damaged or missing tooth can lead to additional oral health conditions that, left undetected, can become much more serious.

When you have recesses in your teeth from chips, cracks or a missing tooth, food debris can get more easily trapped in the exposed areas. This allows bacteria to more easily grow which erodes enamel. If bacteria is able to enter the soft inner part of your tooth, this can lead to infection or even abscesses which can spread infection throughout your body. Often pain and discomfort will signal that something is wrong but not in every case. Mild discomfort may not be a full indicator of serious underlying issues.

Your teeth are incredibly strong but they are also designed to work together. Strain on teeth near a broken or missing tooth can cause them to wear or even break themselves over time from additional pressure and use. This can also cause your teeth to shift over time which can change your bite and certainly your smile!


Timely treatment is always most effective and preventative and typically saves you from requiring even more extensive dental treatment and health care in the future where a simple crown or veneer could have saved the injured portion of your tooth.

What can I expect with a consultation for crowns or veneers?

At Orchards Dental we will take time to consult with you on all your treatment options and the benefits of each. There are many types of materials including metals and porcelain that we use depending on the location and extent of the damage. We can look at all your options for functionality, aesthetics and longevity.

  • We will provide a preliminary consultation to examine your teeth and gums and discuss whether you are a good candidate for dental veneers or crowns. In addition to concerns with cracked or broken teeth. We will examine your teeth for tooth decay, hidden damage and enamel wear that may need to be addressed first. We discuss not only your health needs but how you want to enhance your smile including size, shape and discolouration concerns.
  • You approve your future smile. If your treatment plan includes multiple crowns or veneers you will be provided with a mock up prior to proceeding with treatment. This gives our patients confidence in knowing they are getting the smile they envision having.
  • After your consultation, your teeth will be prepared for veneers or crowns by filing down a very thin layer of tooth enamel. This allows your veneer to fit comfortably with your surrounding teeth or give room for a crown to cap your tooth between your teeth.
  • We use local labs right here in Edmonton. An impression of your teeth will be taken and sent to a lab where your custom-crafted veneers and crowns will be made. When anterior (front teeth) veneers and crowns are made, custom staining is also provided for a seamless look to blend in with your other teeth. Temporary veneers or crowns may be provided while your personalized ones are being custom made.
  • We highly recommend a cleaning by one of our hygienists be done when your new crowns or veneers are ready to be placed. This will help ensure the natural tooth beneath or surrounding teeth will stay decay-free. In many cases, your appointment will likely only require a couple of hours; you walk away with results like the many patients who have benefited from the technical expertise, experience and dedication of our South Edmonton Orchards Dental team.
  • We also follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide so you can ensure your dental care is affordable and works with your dental health benefits.

Dr. Dennis & Dr. Merry Anithottam are both experienced, compassionate dentists who are skilled in a wide range of dental care including cosmetic dentistry. Whether you are seeking to improve the aesthetic look of your smile with custom-made veneers or require crowns and bridges to restore damaged, broken or missing teeth or a little bit of both, you will find all your dental care needs met at Orchards Dental in South Edmonton. Now that is something to smile about!

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