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Children's Dentistry Edmonton ABWe enjoy seeing children at our Edmonton dental practice!

The Canadian Dental Association guidelines indicate that a child should have their first dental appointment within six months following the eruption of their first tooth. One year of age is a great time for the first visit.

This first “happy visit” is meant to introduce your child to the dentist and the dental office and helps to normalize dental care so your child feels comfortable and confident. We want to build a trusting relationship with you and your child to help avoid the common problem of dental anxiety.

The Importance of Early Childhood Dentistry

In general, children should visit the dentist about every six months, although we may recommend more frequent check-ups if your child is prone to developing cavities. Even though your child will lose this first set of teeth, their health is still important to your child’s development and overall health.

The first teeth help your child chew food comfortably so they can be properly nourished. They also help your child speak clearly as they learn a language. When early teeth develop cavities, it can be painful for your child, and we know that’s something nobody wants! Plus, if the baby teeth are lost too early, other teeth can tilt and shift toward the gap, which can create misalignments as the permanent teeth come in and require orthodontic treatment later, such as braces, to correct.

As your child develops into a toddler and beyond, we will start providing more comprehensive care, including x-rays, cleanings, and preventive examinations. We also work with children to help them develop good home habits, which will serve them well for a lifetime!


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Edmonton AB Children's DentistryChildren’s Dentistry Services at Orchards Dental

Children are not just “tiny adults.” They have unique needs, and we make sure to address those needs.

Nitrous oxide sedation – Children may feel agitated or have trouble sitting still, especially for a longer appointment or a treatment like a filling. Nitrous oxide (also known as "laughing gas") is a very safe sedation option for children with few side effects. The effect of the sedation wears off almost as soon as the mask is removed.
Fillings – Good dental care and fluoride help reduce the risk of cavities, but it’s impossible to eliminate this risk completely. If your child develops a cavity, we’ll fill it to keep both baby and permanent teeth healthy.
Pulpotomy – Sometimes known as a “baby root canal,” this treatment allows us to save a tooth damaged by infection, decay, or injury. Keeping the tooth in place for longer helps prevent future problems.
Stainless steel crowns – If a baby tooth is broken or damaged and it’s too early for it to come out, we can protect the tooth with a stainless steel crown.
Pediatric extractions – Sometimes a tooth is damaged to the point where it needs to come out to preserve the health of the remaining teeth. Occasionally a tooth doesn’t fall out on time, which can impede the development of permanent teeth. We’ll extract baby teeth gently and carefully with your child’s comfort and safety as our highest priority.
Space maintainers – If a tooth is lost too early or an extraction becomes necessary, a space maintainer can help prevent the other teeth from drifting to preserve proper alignment. This is important because it helps to hold space for your child's permanent teeth to erupt and helps prevent future problems, such as crowding of adult teeth.

Amenities for Your ChildrenKid's Dentistry Edmonton AB

Prizes and toys – After your child’s dental appointment, we have numerous toy options that they can choose from as a reward for good behavior!
TVs with cartoons – During your child’s dental appointment, we can play cartoons from our ceiling TVs so the appointment can be as enjoyable as possible.
Kids play area – In our waiting room, we have a kid’s play area with iPads with games for the kids to play with, as well as other toys to entertain them. 

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