Dental Cleanings South Edmonton

Professional Cleanings Edmonton ABRegular professional cleanings are the cornerstone of preventive dental care.

In general, most people should have a dental cleaning every six months, although there are cases where more frequent cleanings are appropriate. Dr. Dennis George Anithottam and your hygienist will advise you as to the most appropriate cleaning schedule based on your oral health.

Why Are Cleanings Important?

Even if you are diligently brushing and flossing your teeth according to your hygienist’s instructions, you still need professional teeth cleaning! This is because your teeth and gums offer many places for plaque and bacteria to hide that simply can’t be reached with a toothbrush or dental floss. Over time, the plaque in these areas hardens into calculus (also known as tartar), which can only be removed with professional instruments.

If plaque and tartar are allowed to remain on your teeth, the stage will be set for you to develop cavities and gum disease.

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What Happens During a Cleaning?

We’ll begin your treatment by making sure that you are comfortable. If you are worried about discomfort during your cleaning or you have sensitive teeth, let us know. We can provide a topical numbing rinse that will help make your cleaning more comfortable.

During your cleaning, your hygienist will inspect your teeth and gums for any signs of disease. If anything of concern is spotted, our dentists will be notified so they can evaluate your condition and recommend any needed treatment.

An ultrasonic scaler will be used to knock bits of plaque and tartar off your teeth. This treatment helps to remove the majority of the tartar from your teeth and gumline.

Next, the hygienist will use handheld instruments to carefully remove any remaining bits of tartar and plaque. If you need a break at any time, just let us know. We can also provide a bite block for you to bite on if it becomes difficult or uncomfortable to keep your mouth open.

Finally, your hygienist will polish your teeth to a beautiful shine and, if needed, apply a fluoride varnish to help strengthen your enamel and prevent cavities.

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Why Preventive Care Matters

Dental Cleanings in EdmontonRegular cleanings and examinations are the key steps to keeping your teeth in good health. Routine teeth cleanings allow us to remove plaque and tartar so you can reduce your risk of cavities and gum disease.

Periodontal (gum) health is more important than you might realize. Research has found that there’s a link between periodontal disease and a number of other serious systemic health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. While the exact nature of the link is not yet known, it’s been said that oral health acts as a “mirror” to your overall health. Periodontal disease is also the top cause of lost teeth in Canadian adults, and we’d like to help you keep all your teeth for as long as possible!

When cleanings and examinations are done on a regular basis, we can catch developing problems earlier. This often means more conservative treatment is possible.


Orchards Dental - South Edmonton - Teeth Cleaning Edmonton

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A full-service family-oriented South Edmonton dental clinic

1504 91 Street SW #6

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