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5 reasons why you should go to the dentist

October 30, 2020
Posted By: Orchards Dental
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Many people fail to realize the importance of their oral health. People will avoid regular dental check-ups because they do not feel any pain or cannot visually see anything wrong with their teeth. But just because you cannot feel or see anything does not mean you are in the clear as problems with your teeth may persist. Here are 5 reasons why you should regularly go to the dentist.

Cleaner Teeth

You can do your best to keep your teeth healthy and clean, but plaque and tartar buildup will occur in and around your teeth. Everybody deals with it especially those with permanent retainers can see a lot of plaque and tartar buildup. Regular visits with your dentist and Hygienist can ensure plaque and tartar do not build up. Getting your teeth polished by the hygienist is another step to give them a sparkling look and fluoride treatments are also available to strengthen your teeth.

Discovering Cavities

If you’re suddenly feeling a sharp pain when you suck in cold air, eat cold foods, or something sweet is most likely caused by a cavity that has had to form and cause a hole in your tooth. You may not notice any symptoms when a cavity begins to form until your cavity eats away at your tooth and starts to cause pain. You can avoid this with regular dental check-ups as your dentist will not only look at your teeth but feel them as well to check if there is any risk of cavities. Your dentist will be able to tell if a cavity is forming and help remove it. Left untreated, simple cavities can turn into root canals and even possibly extractions.

Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease occurs when a bacterial infection occurs on the gum line. This is caused by plaque and tartar build-up. When not removed on a regular basis through brushing and flossing and seeing a Hygienist regularly, plaque hardens into tartar. This can eventually lead to gingivitis and will cause the tissues of the gums to break down. Over time it can affect the bone that holds the teeth in place causing them to fall out. Early signs are swollen, bleeding gums, dusky red or dark gums, bad breath, receding, and tender gums. Regular dental visits and cleanings can help avoid these problems.

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Detect Oral Cancer

Oral cancer develops due to leading an unhealthy lifestyle which involves drinking alcohol, smoking, and not regularly brushing your teeth. Oral cancer does not give any warning signs but can be detected with a simple exam. In its early stages, oral cancer is treatable and increases your odds of beating this disease.

Overall Health Improvements

Having good oral health can increase a person’s overall well being. The condition you have your teeth and gums in can impact your circulatory, digestive, reproductive, and respiratory systems. Regular dental cleanings have shown to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by combating bacteria in the mouth that can infect blood vessels in the body.  Having regular dental visits will lead you on the path to better oral health.

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