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Is it possible to straighten my teeth without braces?

Woman using Invisalign | Dentist Edmonton ABYes! With Invisalign technology, it is possible to straighten your teeth without wearing braces. Invisalign is a system of clear aligners that fit comfortably over your teeth and move your teeth into alignment. Because the aligners are clear, most people probably won’t even know you are straightening your teeth. The aligners can be easily taken off when necessary, such as when you are eating, so they do not interfere with your day to day activities.

How Invisalign Can Help 

Invisalign aligners are able to treat a wide range of crowded and misaligned teeth. For people with minor misalignment, treatment can be quite quick, and take only a few months. For more complicated cases, treatment can often be completed in a year or two, which is about the same time frame normally needed for tooth alignment with braces.

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