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Do silver fillings need to be replaced with white fillings?

White Dental Fillings | Dentist Edmonton ABIt is not necessary in all cases to have silver fillings replaced by white fillings. If old silver fillings in your mouth are not causing problems and they do not have decay or cracks developing around or under them, it is fine to have them in your mouth. However, often times old silver fillings do develop decay around them. Other times, they develop cracks adjacent to the filling which should be treated. Silver fillings should be assessed on a case by case basis to determine if they should be replaced or not.

Appearance of Silver Fillings

If you simply do not like the appearance of your silver fillings, or have some other concern with them and want to have them replaced, we can help with that. At Orchards Dental, we can remove all your old silver fillings and replace them with white fillings. 

At our office, we no longer place silver fillings and only use the white filling materials. Feel free to call us and discuss any concerns you may have about your existing fillings and we will help you address any concerns you may have!