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What happens if I lose a tooth?

Man sitting in dental chair | Dentist Edmonton ABWhen a tooth is lost, changes occur to the other teeth, the gums and the bone in the area adjacent to the tooth. Teeth nearby will begin to drift into space previously occupied by the extracted tooth, and your overall bite pattern may change as a result. The gums and bone in the area will begin to shrink away, resulting in a loss of bone in the area.

Bone Grafting 

To prevent the above consequences from happening, it is recommended that the tooth be saved, if possible. If it is not possible, it is best to replace the tooth soon after it is extracted to prevent other teeth from drifting into place. At Orchards Dental, we also provide a number of different bone grafting services to help maintain the bone even if you have to lose a tooth. Bone grafting services include socket grafts (socket preservation), ridge grafts, and sinus grafts. 

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