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What are the consequences of untreated gum disease (periodontal disease)?

Close up of dental treatment | Dentist Edmonton AB If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, it is a serious problem that should be addressed. Untreated gum disease will result in your teeth becoming looser over time as the bone around your teeth shrinks away, and eventually the teeth will fall out. Gum disease is a condition of constant (chronic) infection and inflammation in the gums and bone of your mouth.

Beyond the obvious effects of gum disease on your teeth, research is now showing that gum disease may be linked to the rest of the body more significantly than previously thought. Gum disease has been correlated with other systemic bodily conditions such as heart problems and systemic diseases of inflammation. Health care providers are now realizing that gum disease must be treated and managed as a part of helping people achieve overall bodily health.

Gum Disease Treatment

At Orchards Dental, we offer a variety of gum disease treatment options. Along with the traditional methods of scaling and root planing to keep plaque and calculus off the teeth and away from the gums,  we also offer other treatment modalities such as targeted antibiotic regimens that help to curtail bacterial colonization. Salivary samples can be taken to identify the specific bacteria associated with your gum disease. From there, we can use specific antibiotics that will be most effective. Antibacterial rinses and special formulations of antibiotic capsules can also be locally placed in the areas of your mouth with the most bacterial colonization. At our Edmonton dental clinic, we will work with you personally to create a treatment plan that best targets the type of gum disease you have.