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Replace Your CPAP Machine?!

March 4, 2020
Posted By: Orchards Dental
sleep apnea

South Edmonton Sleep Medicine Solutions at Orchards Dental

Sleep apnea is a serious sleeping disorder that requires medical attention. Reduce obstructive sleep apnea episodes with the use of one of our custom oral appliances. Our patients have been excited by this non-surgical treatment that can replace a CPAP. Imagine the possibility of replacing this bulky and embarrassing device with an oral sleep appliance!

Oral appliances can be an excellent alternative to a CPAP machine if you have been prescribed a CPAP but are not using it or do not want to use it, or apnea is milder, or your main concern is snoring.


  • They gently hold the lower jaw forward to hold the airway open
  • Substantially decreases loud snoring
  • Small, comfortable, and effective
  • Better quality sleep

Contact our clinic to book a FREE sleep apnea consultation with Dr. Dennis Anithottam, B.D.S., D.M.D., a General Dentist, to see if an oral sleep appliance is right for you!