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Dental Crowns and Deciding What is Right for You

March 5, 2021
Posted By: Orchards Dental
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It is ok and completely normal to feel overwhelmed when visiting your dentist. Drill sounds, unfamiliar instruments, and different dental procedures can be scary for some patients. Orchards Dental will do everything we can to make your experience at our South Edmonton Dental Clinic as comfortable as possible. When your dentist says you need a “crown” you might not know what they mean so let us look at the different types of dental crowns and what you can expect.

At Orchards Dental our job is to keep your teeth strong, healthy and for you to leave our office with a confident smile. Some teeth only require a filling to restore them to health but in other cases, a dental crown is required. A dental crown is a type of cap that covers the whole tooth and begins at the gum line. Crowns are designed to help bring back the affected tooth's strength, shape, and appearance. The caps look like a tooth replacement, but part of your original tooth is still inside the crown.

Are Dental Crowns Temporary or Permanent?

For children who still have baby teeth a temporary, stainless steel crown may be placed over a decaying baby tooth. Once the adult teeth grow in, they will push out the baby teeth along with the temporary crown. For adults, they may initially receive a temporary crown until a custom crown is created for them. Your crown will be customized to fit well with your bite and the colour of the crown will be matched with nearby teeth to blend in nicely with your existing dentistry.

dental crowns edmonton

Types of Permanent Dental Crowns

Crowns can come in a variety of different materials including metals such as gold, porcelain-fused-to-metal, resin, or porcelain.

Metals: Dental crown metals are described as alloys (gold, copper, other metals) and base metal alloys (non-noble metals).

Alloys are gentle next to surrounding teeth and last long. These types of crowns are good for the molars that are not visible because you can keep more of your original tooth and metal crowns stand up better to hard chewing.

Porcelain: Porcelain crowns are the most popular choice as they can restore your teeth and prevent further harm. Porcelain crowns also match your teeth’ natural look and, in some cases, even enhancing it. Porcelain crowns have obvious advantages especially for your front teeth which are the most visible and if you have allergies to metals.

Contact Orchards Dental

Contact our South Edmonton Dental Clinic today to learn more about dental crowns and which options are right for you. Dental crowns are great for their durability and because they can last many years. Over time you may need to eventually replace your dental crowns. Dr. Dennis and Dr. Merry Anithottam will take impressions of your current teeth to create a mold. The mold will be a temporary crown until your new crown has been manufactured by a local dental laboratory. We follow the Alberta Fee Guide for crowns!