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Common Questions about Teeth Whitening

November 1, 2017
Posted By: Orchards Dental
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Some common questions about teeth bleaching include (with answers below):

1) Is whitening safe? 

Teeth whitening is safe if done correctly as recommended by your dentist, or as directed by the whitening product. Often times people do experience temporary teeth sensitivity during the whitening process, but the sensitivity is not permanent and does go away a few days after you stop whitening. After the sensitivity resolves, you may once again begin using the whitening product. Some products cause more sensitivity than others but none of the products damage your teeth otherwise we would not recommend doing teeth whitening. Teeth whitening does not damage enamel.

2) How long does it take to whiten my teeth?

The amount of time it takes to whiten teeth depends on which of the tooth whitening methods you choose to use and the degree of yellow staining in your teeth. The professional in-office whitening systems generally give a faster result. For some people, a single session of tooth whitening for about an hour is all that is needed. Or, if you do not require much whitening but would like to have your teeth just a few shades whiter, it may be possible to whiten your teeth in a short 20-minute session. At home tooth whitening options (either professional or over the counter) in general take longer than in office systems. Professional at home systems usually take 7-14 days, while over the counter products usually take a number of weeks, since they usually contain weaker whitening substances. Over the counter products such as the commonly known white strips usually do not whiten as effectively as professional products.

3) Can I get super white teeth like Hollywood stars? How white can my teeth get?

There are many factors that affect how white your teeth can get. Generally, your teeth can be whitened a number of shades lighter than the current shade they are at. Shade guides are available at our office to assess your current shade and to give you a prediction of what degree of whiteness you can expect after treatment. For some people who have reached the maximum whiteness obtainable through dental bleaching products, other cosmetic options include dental crowns or veneers, which can make the teeth extremely white while still looking natural.

4) How long do teeth stay white after whitening?

This depends on some factors such as how quickly your teeth absorb stain and the kind of foods you eat. Generally, if you often eat or drink foods that easily cause stains (eg. curries, coffee, etc), the whitening does not last as long. For most people, teeth will stay very white for about 6 months to two years. Whitening touch-up treatments can be done at the 6 months to two-year mark to once again attain the white shade you had after your initial whitening treatment. At Orchards Dental, we provide you with a whitening touch up kit to take home with you after your professional whitening appointment.

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