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September 1, 2021
Posted By: Orchards Dental

cosmetic dentistry Most people don’t have the best feeling going to a dentist's office. First time when I had a visit at Dr. Dennis's office and met him and his awesome crew all fear was gone. I felt relaxed and comfortable. Everybody there is so caring, helpful, and competent. I got a few treatments done at different appointments. Everything went super. Yesterday we finished my “front teeth crown project”. Medical and esthetical reasons made it necessary. I got the best advice and most professional work done. Take a look at the “Before/After” picture. I want to thank Dr. Dennis and the whole team for the excellent work they did!! It’s an awesome experience. I didn’t just get healthy teeth and a nice appearance. I got also lots of Self-confidence back. Super job – Dr. Dennis and his support team. Highly recommend them.” Hans K