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Common Questions about Teeth Whitening

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Some common questions about teeth bleaching include (with answers below):

1) Is whitening safe? 

Teeth whitening is safe if done correctly as recommended by your dentist, or as directed by the whitening product. Often times people do experience temporary teeth sensitivity during the whitening process, but the sensitivity is not permanent and does go away a few days after you stop whitening. After the sensitivity resolves, you may once again begin using the whitening product. Some products cause more sensitivity than others but none of the products damage your teeth otherwise we would not recommend doing teeth whitening. Teeth whitening does not damage enamel.

2) How long does it take to whiten ...

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Teeth Whitening Options and Info

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At Orchards Dental, our patients often ask us about teeth whitening options to get whiter teeth and a bright white smile. There are a number of options for tooth whitening or tooth bleaching and patients can choose how they would like to accomplish bleached teeth. There is no one best way to whiten teeth but depending on your goals and how quickly you would like to have it all done, the main options are to do professional tooth whitening at home, professional in-office tooth whitening, or to buy a commercial tooth whitening product. If you have very yellow teeth before whitening, it is likely that you will require ...

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