Orchards Dental
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Pictures of our Dental Office

We've designed our practice with patient comfort in mind. Our reception area was created to mimic the comfort of your living room, with comfortable chairs and the amenities you want. Relax at our drink bar or surf the web on one of our iPads. We've created a feast for the senses – you might even forget you're at the dentist!

  • Orchards Dental Outside View
  • Water, Coffee and Tea for your Comfort
  • Reception Area
  • Kids Play Area
  • Kids Toy Wall
  • Kids Toys Area
  • iPads for your Enjoyment
  • Plush Couch and Chairs for you
  • Open and Ready for Patients!
  • Welcome New Patients! Come Visit!
  • Reception Area to Relax in
  • Coffee and Drinks Counter
  • Certificate Wall
  • Orchards Dental Restroom
  • Kids Plush Toys
  • Sterilization Room
  • Mobile Technology Area
  • Dr. Teoh Orchards Dental Hallway
  • Orchards Dental Hallway
  • Wall Decor
  • Treatment Room
  • Consultation Room
  • Orchards Dental Exterior
  • Kids Prizes and Toys!