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Edmonton Dentist Accepting New Patients

Woman in Dental Chair | Dental Cleanings Edmonton AB

Orchards Dental is now open and accepting new patients! Edmonton dentist, Dr. Dennis George Anithottam, offers family dentistry and cosmetic dental procedures in Southeast Edmonton.  

Edmonton Dental Office

Our Edmonton dental clinic is conveniently located near the Summerside and Orchards at Ellerslie communities. Our dental office is on 91st street and is just minutes from the Anthony Henday. Making Orchards Dental your local Edmonton dentist is easy whether you're living in Mill Woods or Rutherford, Charlesworth or Allard, Walker or Callaghan!  

Extended Office Hours

Orchards Dental has extended office hours, meaning our dental clinic is open evenings and weekends. We also accommodate dental emergencies and same day dentist appointments. So if you need ...

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Five Tips to Never get a Cavity Again

Woman smiling in dental chair | Dental Cleanings Edmonton AB

Tired of getting cavities and fillings in your teeth? Interested in preventing cavities? Keeping your teeth healthy doesn't mean only brushing and flossing. By following these five tips, you can manage risk factors that cause cavities.

1. Reduce acid exposure on your teeth. - Tooth enamel is damaged when it comes into contact with acids. Enamel is highly mineralized and is made to protect your tooth, but when weakened by acids, the tooth becomes ...

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Cracked tooth: Why does my tooth hurt when I bite down?

Man with Jaw Pain | Edmonton AB Dentist

If you are experiencing tooth pain while chewing or biting, this may be a symptom of a cracked tooth. Cracks can come from injury, cavities or large fillings that weaken the rest of the tooth. A cracked tooth may or may not also be sensitive to hot and cold depending on how deep the crack is. Cracks that progress too far can result in entire sections of the tooth breaking off and in some cases, loss of the tooth entirely.

Why do teeth crack?

Teeth are protected by a hard outer layer called enamel which acts as a protective shield. Environmental factors and diet can weaken the enamel and make the tooth ...

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