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Common Questions about Dental Implants

Dental Implant Diagram | Orchards Dental Clinic

In today’s blog, we will be talking about dental implants and implant crowns. People commonly think of a dental implant as a screw or a post, but a more accurate term would be a root replacement. A dental implant is the tooth replacement option that replaces a missing tooth in the most natural way. Our Edmonton dental office Orchards Dental offers a full range of dental implant services including, placement of the implant, restoring the implant, design, and placement of the implant tooth or implant crown, implant retained dentures, implant overdentures, implant bridges, front teeth or anterior dental implants.

Two common questions about dental implants

1) How much do dental implants ...

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Dental Implants: Tooth replacement options in Edmonton

Illustration of dental implant | Dentist Edmonton AB

Dental implants are offered at Orchards Dental as an option for permanently replacing missing teeth. Modern dental implants can most closely replicate the look, comfort, feel and function of natural teeth.  

What are dental implants made of?  


Compare a dental implant to a natural tooth. The root is the portion that supports the natural tooth ...

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